Saturday, June 24, 2017

Wuh vel etek nem-tor na' vahl

My title is in Vulcan, and no, alas, I don't speak the language, though it would be the height of entertainment to converse with Spock in his native tongue. The more our conversation commenced the more Spock would feel the need to create a mind meld with me to make sure my insanity was real, and eventually he might use the Vulcan nerve pinch to put me out of his misery while walking away shaking his head, or he might find me fascinating.

The title states, "The Things We Take for Granted," and I found a Vulcan translator on a page with several other translator subjects to choose from. There is Game of Thrones and The Smurfs and more--here is the website if you would like to have some fun.

Our electricity went out today for several hours. In Texas, in the summer, this shouldn't happen to mere mortals, but thankfully, the day happened to have the temperature in the 70's (another happening that shouldn't occur in a Texas summer).  Now, that it's operating properly again, I started to think about how much we take for granted in our lives, and how we really don't appreciate the things we should such as running water and lights and air conditioning. I go long periods of time without giving them a second thought. I find this reprehensible behavior to be wrong, especially when so many don't have access to clean water and other comforts to begin with.

I plan to start thanking God for everything in life and find my happiness in the little things. Will I succeed? I'm not sure, but in Yodish (Yoda Language) "It, hope I can."

I didn't check for grammar or spelling so please be kind in your thoughts about my abilities.

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