Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How to Use [Solution Based Keyword] to [Desirable Outcome Keyword]

I decided this particular blog needed an impressive and magnificent blog title. A blog title that would forever last in the minds of anyone who happened to chance upon it.
I sat for awhile and looked at the white space where the title resides and nothing came to me. I thought of using "safety first Shaun," which is a quote from one of my favorite movies called Shaun of the Dead. This is an incredible zombie movie that's filled with humor and a smidgen of gruesomeness. 
Though, that would be a particularly delightful title, it would not be the greatest blog title ever written.

Then I came up with an idea to look up a blog title generator site, and use one of their titles but give it a personal tweaking. 
The problem is that the main idea of these sites is to help you with a concept you're already working on, such as,The Greatest Beaches in the World, Did the Conquistadors Actually Believe in Remnants of Chaos or The Ten Best Sites to Help Protect Yourself From Tongue Death.  
There wasn't one for a blog about finding a blog title, so I just decided to use one of their blog titles as a template for a great title such as, "How to Use [Dogs] to [Take Over the World]."
I played around with this for quite some time just to entertain myself, and came up with a few fun titles:

* How to use [whining] to [make people hate you].

* How to [bully people with your political beliefs (what ever side you're on), never treat the other side with respect, never listen to the other side and never compromise in order] to [take away free speech].

* How to use [cheating] to [win].

* How to use [magic] to [cook dinner].

* How to use [superheroes] to [remodel your house].

* How to use [zombies] to [pull the weeds in your garden or create weed(s)].

The list could go on forever, but none of the titles I came up with are life changing and are easily forgettable, so I decided to use the actual sentence. I feel amused every time I see the words, Solution Based Keyword and Desirable Outcome Keyword.
Perhaps, it doesn't hold the appellation of History's Most Astounding Title, yet I feel it had a desirable outcome.

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