Sunday, July 16, 2017

Top Scify Movies on Netflix.

I'm quite disgusted with Netflix and their inability to provide new and better streaming movies and TV shows. That being said, there's still many great science fiction movies on the site, and here they are from oldest to newest.

  1951--The Day the Earth Stood Still.



  2005--V for Vendetta

  2006--Dejavu (I can't spell it correctly)

  2009--Mr. Nobody


  2009--The Road

  2013--The Last Days

  2014--The Giver

  2016--Civil War

  2016--Dr. Strange

And loads and loads of pure crap, though that isn't the word I'm actually looking for, because it's worse than crap. Mostly, it's stuff that probably never made it to the theaters and ended up on DVD or streaming. Good thing Netflix is around to give them a proper home, and it's all about Greed.
If we stopped paying money money for their flushable wares, then they would put better quality movies out very quickly.

Lost in Space