Thursday, June 22, 2017

Damn You, Damn You, Damn You!

At the beginning of the week a young girl who lives less than a mile away from us, and who goes to my granddaughter's middle school (she and my granddaughter, Skylar, are both 14), went missing.
She was walking her dog, and they found him tied up to a fence in the apartments where she lived and she couldn't be found anywhere.
I was very worried right from the start, because she is so young and I'm sure I related her to Skylar because she walks my dog for me everyday, and the clothes the girl wore were very similar to Skylars.

Then yesterday, a body was found in a landfill, and today we found out that it was her. I can't stop crying and I can't stop thinking about her last precious few moments left on this earth. I hope she didn't suffer, I hope it wasn't horrible and maybe she remembered her mother and father who loved her and those were her last thoughts.

There is going to be a news conference tomorrow at ten o'clock given by the Bedford Police department. I'm almost too scared to watch it, but I will.

This girl was thrown away like a piece of trash as if she was worthless but she was so precious as all children are, and so I say Damn you, Damn you Damn you stupid ass murderer for taking such innocence and destroying it.

Saying damn you only alleviates about one percent of my sorrow and sadness, but I can't do or say anything else that will help so I must stick with these words.
Please pray for the parents and family of Kaytlynn Cargill.

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