Saturday, June 24, 2017

Wuh vel etek nem-tor na' vahl

My title is in Vulcan, and no, alas, I don't speak the language, though it would be the height of entertainment to converse with Spock in his native tongue. The more our conversation commenced the more Spock would feel the need to create a mind meld with me to make sure my insanity was real, and eventually he might use the Vulcan nerve pinch to put me out of his misery while walking away shaking his head, or he might find me fascinating.

The title states, "The Things We Take for Granted," and I found a Vulcan translator on a page with several other translator subjects to choose from. There is Game of Thrones and The Smurfs and more--here is the website if you would like to have some fun.

Our electricity went out today for several hours. In Texas, in the summer, this shouldn't happen to mere mortals, but thankfully, the day happened to have the temperature in the 70's (another happening that shouldn't occur in a Texas summer).  Now, that it's operating properly again, I started to think about how much we take for granted in our lives, and how we really don't appreciate the things we should such as running water and lights and air conditioning. I go long periods of time without giving them a second thought. I find this reprehensible behavior to be wrong, especially when so many don't have access to clean water and other comforts to begin with.

I plan to start thanking God for everything in life and find my happiness in the little things. Will I succeed? I'm not sure, but in Yodish (Yoda Language) "It, hope I can."

I didn't check for grammar or spelling so please be kind in your thoughts about my abilities.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Damn You, Damn You, Damn You!

At the beginning of the week a young girl who lives less than a mile away from us, and who goes to my granddaughter's middle school (she and my granddaughter, Skylar, are both 14), went missing.
She was walking her dog, and they found him tied up to a fence in the apartments where she lived and she couldn't be found anywhere.
I was very worried right from the start, because she is so young and I'm sure I related her to Skylar because she walks my dog for me everyday, and the clothes the girl wore were very similar to Skylars.

Then yesterday, a body was found in a landfill, and today we found out that it was her. I can't stop crying and I can't stop thinking about her last precious few moments left on this earth. I hope she didn't suffer, I hope it wasn't horrible and maybe she remembered her mother and father who loved her and those were her last thoughts.

There is going to be a news conference tomorrow at ten o'clock given by the Bedford Police department. I'm almost too scared to watch it, but I will.

This girl was thrown away like a piece of trash as if she was worthless but she was so precious as all children are, and so I say Damn you, Damn you Damn you stupid ass murderer for taking such innocence and destroying it.

Saying damn you only alleviates about one percent of my sorrow and sadness, but I can't do or say anything else that will help so I must stick with these words.
Please pray for the parents and family of Kaytlynn Cargill.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How to Use [Solution Based Keyword] to [Desirable Outcome Keyword]

I decided this particular blog needed an impressive and magnificent blog title. A blog title that would forever last in the minds of anyone who happened to chance upon it.
I sat for awhile and looked at the white space where the title resides and nothing came to me. I thought of using "safety first Shaun," which is a quote from one of my favorite movies called Shaun of the Dead. This is an incredible zombie movie that's filled with humor and a smidgen of gruesomeness. 
Though, that would be a particularly delightful title, it would not be the greatest blog title ever written.

Then I came up with an idea to look up a blog title generator site, and use one of their titles but give it a personal tweaking. 
The problem is that the main idea of these sites is to help you with a concept you're already working on, such as,The Greatest Beaches in the World, Did the Conquistadors Actually Believe in Remnants of Chaos or The Ten Best Sites to Help Protect Yourself From Tongue Death.  
There wasn't one for a blog about finding a blog title, so I just decided to use one of their blog titles as a template for a great title such as, "How to Use [Dogs] to [Take Over the World]."
I played around with this for quite some time just to entertain myself, and came up with a few fun titles:

* How to use [whining] to [make people hate you].

* How to [bully people with your political beliefs (what ever side you're on), never treat the other side with respect, never listen to the other side and never compromise in order] to [take away free speech].

* How to use [cheating] to [win].

* How to use [magic] to [cook dinner].

* How to use [superheroes] to [remodel your house].

* How to use [zombies] to [pull the weeds in your garden or create weed(s)].

The list could go on forever, but none of the titles I came up with are life changing and are easily forgettable, so I decided to use the actual sentence. I feel amused every time I see the words, Solution Based Keyword and Desirable Outcome Keyword.
Perhaps, it doesn't hold the appellation of History's Most Astounding Title, yet I feel it had a desirable outcome.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Still Going

Well, I haven't given up on my blog yet, but it's still early in it's little blog life. My granddaughter would call it a fetus, which is very appropriate. 
I love to write, yet for quite some time, my anxiety prevents me from achieving my dream of famous blogs and best selling zombie books. I already have a book partially written, and it's quite good. I have a great love for zombie books and my book would be quite interesting to me to read if I found it on my Kindle (and I didn't write it.)
This would be my zombie book cover (with a few tweaks added), and it's copyright free on

I'm still listening to songs from the year 1966 as I found a site that contains every song from each year and I chose to start at 1965 and work my way through. The reason I chose this year is it contains many bands, some just starting out, that are wonderful-- The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Lovin' Spoonful, The Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, Bob Dylan, The Who, Cream, The Animals and Jimi Hendrix, just to name a few. I don't listen to these old songs a lot, yet every once and a while

Hopefully, I will return to this blog with the long title and it will not fall to dust from disuse. I spent five minutes writing this and haven't checked for errors, so I'm not sure how bad it actually is. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Finding My Renaissance Mojo

I'm listening to Scarborough Fair by Simon and Garfunkel, which is a beautiful song that I love, though it's not my usual fair :). Maybe I relate to the song, because it brings out feelings of longings, or maybe it's because the only reason I care for the music is my desire to actually go to a Scarborough Fair Renaissance Festival. I could make a giant cone hat with a wisp of cloth protruding from it's tip, though I would find it difficult to enter doorways or stand in a room with a low ceiling.
I love the middle ages (though I would not want to live there). Just to feel the ambiance of that time, even in a fictitious distortion of history, would produce an elation that memories are made of.

The female Beavis and Butt-head of the 15th century.

I am now listening to a song from the same year called Season of the Witch by Donovan, and I envision  if Donovan somehow came through time and sang this today, that there might be a minuscule chance in at least one of the million universes out there, this could be a hit today. Though, the twangy 60's guitar would need to hit the road, and in the words of  Christopher Walken, "more cow bell" added.

Well, that's my thoughts for today. I haven't checked for spelling or grammatical accuracy, because this will just end up being one of my throwaway blogs, I don't want it to be a throwaway blog, but that just seems to happen to me. I'm great at starting things and crappy at ending them.